Journaling Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur

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Journaling Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Journaling can make you a better entrepreneur

By Megan Zhang –

Journaling can make you a better entrepreneurJournaling is a practice performed by people from all ages and all walks of life. Almost everybody has kept a diary of some form once in their lives. For kids, journaling is often a means of releasing ideas and emotions on their minds without any judgment. Entrepreneurs can also benefit greatly from consistent journaling, too.

Become More Self-Aware – After decades of spending so much time in our own heads, many of us can lose self-awareness. We see and hear only what we want to. Journaling is a great way of organizing your thoughts so you can understand exactly what is going on in your brain. You will likely realize that you spend too much time worrying about things that do not matter or are out of your control. Increasing your self-awareness can get rid of destructive thought processes that could harm your small business. You will also be able to understand yourself and others better.

Make Note of Achievements / Failures – The unfortunate thing with human minds is that our memory is extraordinarily faulty. We are quick to forget even the most important facts, and our memories have a tendency to shift over time. In order to truly capture important memories such as your small business’s achievements and failures, you have to journal all these thoughts. If you learned an important lesson that day, write it down to review a few days later. If you are unsure of how to proceed with your small business, make note of your questions so that you can return to it at a later date. Be sure that you review your journal entries from time to time.

Allow Yourself to Vent – Even though you are not a child anymore, there is immense therapeutic benefit in being able to release up pent up frustration and anger onto paper. If your business keeps hitting road blocks and you just need a release valve, go find a pen and paper and write down everything that is bothering you. Afterward, you will feel much calmer and ready to tackle the obstacles in front of you. An added benefit is that the paper and words will never judge you for what is written. Nobody has to know except for you what is written in the journal.

Start Each Morning with a Clean Slate – One common method of journaling is by writing first thing in the morning. This method allows for you to start each morning refreshed with a clean slate. Morning is often a great time to achieve deep, focused work. By clearing your mind beforehand, you can let yourself be completely immersed in your small business tasks.

Make a habit of journaling everyday about your life and small business, and you will quickly see the benefits. If you need further advice on how to become a better entrepreneur, including how to more easily secure small business financing, visit

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