The True Cost to Your True Love for the 12 Days of Christmas

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The True Cost to Your True Love for the 12 Days of Christmas

So where exactly would you find ten lords a leaping and how would you know their fair market value?

Just in case you were wondering what it would cost your “True Love” to give you all the gifts mentioned in the traditional Christmas Carole “The 12 Days of Christmas,” the PNC Christmas Price Index has it all laid out for you, day by day.



A partridge in a pear tree: Just $209.99, down 2.3% from last year. This gift’s price decline from last year is fully due to the Partridge which fell 20% from $25 to $20, due to oversupply of game birds. The Pear Tree will set you back $189.99 – the same as last year.





Two turtle doves:  A mere $375.00 up 29.3% from 2015. Supply couldn’t seem to keep up with the demand this year for these popular lovebirds! This gift experienced the biggest spike in price from last year, compared to the rest of the gifts.





Three French hens: $181.50 It’s been a quiet year for the French Hens. There was no change in their price, due to steady supply and demand in the past year.






Four calling birds: $599.96 It was business as usual this year for these feathered friends. Their price was unchanged, selling right at market value. No discount needed to stimulate sales.






Five golden rings: $750.00 It’s been a good year to buy gold rings, as retailers kept prices steady, despite the price fluctuations in gold commodity prices this past year.






Six geese a laying: $360.00 Geese-a-Laying just laid back this year as the goose market became stable, leading to their price staying the same, as well. In recent years, the goose market had fluctuated due to the avian flu.





Seven swans a swimming: This one will set you back a bit. $13,125.00 Although historically the most unpredictable gift of the bunch, the swans stayed the same price as last year. Most bird gifts were flat this year, as demand stayed the same.





Eight maids a milking: Now here’s a bargain at $58.00 The eight Maids-A-Milking are chugging along at the same price as last year, reflecting the stagnant federal minimum wage, which hasn’t changed since 2009. Not sure if the milk is included in the deal.





Nine ladies dancing: $7,552.84 Despite a rising demand for dancers, dance companies plan to wait until they are more confident in the strength of the economy before they raise wages and thus, prices.






Ten lords a leaping: $5,508.70 Salaries for Lords-a-Leaping rose in 2015, but not this year. Therefore, the price to hire them for your true love has also stayed the same.






Eleven pipers piping: $2,708.40 up 2.8%. This is the first year that the Pipers’ wages have increased since 2013, so the price to hire them was driven up, as well. You’ll have to spend a tad more this year to hire them for your true love. Of course hiring Ron Burgundy for some Jazz Flute could set you back several thousand more.





Twelve drummers drumming: $2,934.10 up 2.8%. The Drummers drummed up some demand in the past year! This led to an increase in their price for hire, which is good news for the drummers, since their wages hadn’t increased in three years.




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