Don’t let those receipts slip through your fingers

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June 29, 2016
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June 29, 2016
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Don’t let those receipts slip through your fingers

Stack of Receipts

Stack of ReceiptsDon’t let those receipts slip away! It seems as if those ridiculously small wisps of gasoline receipts and meal tickets end up more often than not as a wadded up piece of unreadable paper — unless you have Superman’s eyesight!

It’s annoying to lose track of your on-the-go receipts for meals and fill-ups at the gas station. But there is an easy solution. Deductr is a proprietary system that does a fabulous job of making it super simple to record your business-related expenses –particularly for those on-the-go deductions.

Many business owners fail to understand how quickly these valuable tax write-offs can be. You could be losing out on thousands of dollars worth of tax write-offs each year. With taxes on the rise (aren’t they always going up?), what’s a busy entrepreneur to do? Well, first on the agenda should be making the recording and storing of your receipts a top-of-the-list task.

Deductr gives you the opportunity to turn that situation around quicker than you may have thought possible. Setting up Deductr is super simple. Deductr records your business-related tax deductions as you go about your day. Just swipe a card and record a business meal. Swipe it again and record that tank of gas you just purchased.

Swipe. Record. Claim the deduction. It’s just three easy steps to lowering your small business tax bill. Get started today!

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