Make tax-time
less taxing!

Small/Independent Business Owners:

Automate your expense tracking

Never miss another tax deduction

Watch your tax savings grow

Eliminate tax-time anxiety

Deductr PRO is the fast and easy way to track your
expenses, mileage, and time.

Our core purpose is to help you maximize your tax deductions and keep more of what you make.

Automated Tracking

Deductr PRO’s BankLINK feature allows you to automatically track your income and expenses.  Simply link your bank account or credit card and never miss another deduction again.  Get rid of that shoebox full of receipts and let us help you maximize your tax deductions.


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Real-time Tax Savings

Deductr PRO’s patent-pending tax-savings calculator shows you your current tax savings with every entry. You don’t have to wait until tax time to see where you stand. Prepare to watch your tax savings grow!

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Instant Tax Reporting

Deductr PRO’s powerful tools prepare a detailed tax report with one click. It is perfectly formatted to meet your tax preparer’s needs and help you get the deductions you deserve. Suddenly tax time is stress-free.

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Deductr PRO is mobile

Your life is constantly on the go. You’ll love how you can take Deductr PRO with you. Our mobile apps for iPhone and Android are included in your Deductr PRO membership. Track while it’s on your mind.

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Deductr PRO is secure

Deductr PRO uses bank-level, 256-bit security to ensure that all of your data is safe. And rest assured, Deductr PRO is read-only. You cannot move funds or make payments through Deductr PRO.

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